Once upon a time there was no money to act as the mediating agent between buyers and sellers. So, in order to live and let live, they used to participate in something now known as the barter system. In it, you basically exchanged your products for any other ones you wanted and then went about your merry way. You can probably see how this can be a little flawed.
For example, some of the things that required more effort to make or were of considerably higher value and therefore should have been worth more were bartered away for just a few beanstalk seeds. And yes, that is a Jack and the Giant Beanstalk reference.

Then, either the Mesopotamians or the Chinese introduced the concept of money and boom went everything and the big bang happened all over again! Figuratively, at least, in terms of economy. Also, sidenote, I am way too lazy to research which civilization first came up with their own currency so… yeah.
Moving on, you must have realized by now why money was such an important discovery. It revolutionised the way of life. 

Fast forward to a couple of decades later and now, money is perhaps the engine fuelling capitalism. It makes the world go around and everything in between. So, is it the most important thing in life?
Yes and no. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is what it is.

From what little knowledge I have gathered over the span of my life, it is apparant that money plays a significant role in helping us attain most of the things we want. It also acts as an excellent mediator between us and the things we need in life. However, it is just that. A mediating force. And we need to understand this fact before our lust for money takes control of everything we hold dear. 

On that ominous note, I thank you all for taking the time to read through this and bid you farewell! Bye!

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