There has been a tremendous impact of recent technological developments, particularly of information technology, on the banking sector throughout the world. India is no exception. Mobile phone penetrations levels have now surpassed fixed-line phone levels. Internet penetration levels have also risen suddenly. As a result, an increasing number of internet users are making online purchases besides transacting banking business. The banking industry has been innovative and successful in meeting the changing needs of its customers by offering greater access and e-banking services.

What is E-Banking?

Simply it means banking through electronic media i.e. internet besides phone banking. It is done by creating portals. A portal is a gateway to the web. It is any means by which one can access online resources and services. Banks use their resources and services to sell their products and services.

Procedure of E-Banking

Registration Process for Internet Banking

Following are the steps involved to register for Internet Banking:

1. Download the internet banking form of the bank with which you (the customer) have your bank account.

2. Fill in your bank account details.

3. Be careful to read the instructions overleaf before signing, particularly the terms and conditions and the changes for various products and services.

4. The application form has to be signed by all the joint holders besides the applicant.

5. Submit the form to the base branch (the branch where you have your bank account) or to any nearest branch of the bank.

6. Register your mobile number for internet banking with the branch while submitting the application form.

7. You may also opt for registering your mobile number at the nearest ATM of the concerned bank.

8. You can check further details by clicking on the ATM

9. The bank will send you the password PIN by mail. you may also collect the password PIN from the concerned branch by submitting your ID proof.

10. After receiving the password, log in to Internet Banking.

11. ATM will flash a message asking you to change your password for security reasons. Some banks also ask their customers to register for Net secure (2nd-factor authentication). Click at ATM to register for Netsecure. You can click to view the demo.

12. Last but not least enter the same mobile number which you have registered earlier for internet banking.

13. Now your registration is complete to transact the e-banking transactions and avail all services of the bank.

Log on to Internet Banking

You may notice a message stating that your access to Internet Banking is to ‘view only. In such a case if you want to, for example, transfer funds, then register for fund transfer, bill payment, mobile recharge, etc.

You should click here to view more details. For security should register for Net secure (2nd-factor authentication) click for registration for Netsecure. Enter your mobile number and submit. Enter your mobile number and confirm it.

You will get an SMS confirming your registration. 

How to access the account on the Internet?

You have a log-in ID i.e. the customer ID (Mentioned on the Welcome Kit and printed on your checkbook (and in the case of some bankers on the Pass Book also) It is usually the 9-digit number that uniquely identifies your relationship with your bank. Mention this ID in all your communication with your bank.

How to log in and validate transactions on Internet Banking? 

Three kinds of details are used to log in and validate transactions on Internet Banking. 

Log-in Password: The ‘Log-in Password’ is used for log-in and allows a customer to view the details of his account.

Transaction Password: “Transaction Password’ is used to select the desired transaction. For example fund transfer, bill payment, mobile recharge, etc.

Net Secure Code: Net secure is an additional security feature that is added to have second-factor authentication. After registering for net secure the customer can generate a password through SMS, Web-pin, or I-touch Device. However, One-touch Device is chargeable, some charges have to be paid. It is a one-time password. You may change it if you suspect it’s leakage. The use of network security makes your e-banking safer and free from fraud. The customer has to choose the model. The customer will receive the password through that mode.

Finally, you enter your mobile number and submit it. You can click to View Demo.


1. 24×7 Accessibility: Internet Account is accessible round the clock i.e. 24×7 hour per day, seven days a week.

2. Easy and Convenient: You can withdraw money at any time (not necessarily during banking hours). For example, while going to or returning from a morning walk, you need not go to the bank.

3. Secrecy: It is secret only one person is allowed to enter the ATM cabin. Moreover, close circuit TV is keeping an eye on undesirable elements. However, the customer should take necessary precautions.

4. Cost-effective Customer can save his valuable time, effort, and money by transacting business at home or office or both.


1. Savings Accounts: All the benefits of savings accounts along with debit and credit cards, checkbook, Statements.

2. Current Accounts: All the benefits of current accounts

3. Student account

4. Loan Sanctions

5. Asset Management

6. Investment

7. Mortgages

8. Share Trading

9. Insurance Services

10. Custody account

11. Beneficiary confirmation for the payment made

12. Payment abroad

13. Payment templates

14. Portfolio Management

Precautions to be taken for Security Reasons

You have to keep your third eye open, i.e. you have to be vigilant, no matter how well secure your password and other details are: common i.e. fraudster makes you believe that he is your banker. In simple words, a fraudster poses as your bank very often through e-mail and encourage you to reveal your secrete detail. Banks never ask a customer to disclose or confirm any confidential details So you should be extra careful in case you happen to receive such e-mails lest you get cheated and repent.

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