In today’s era where money is everything, some emotions are more valuable than money. On one hand, money can give us all the happiness we want including food, education, expensive clothes, luxuries, etc. On the other hand, money can’t buy people to share our feelings, our happiness or sorrow, a person with whom we can share our life or with whom we can share our bad day. Both money and happiness are equally important but the question is can money buy happiness?

Happiness and money both are equally valuable in one’s life. According to a study conducted by Princeton University in 2010, a person’s happiness increases until they reach an annual income of $75,000—and then it remains constant. However, participants who earned a $105,000 salary noted that their happiness had decreased since previously earning less.  

Money can buy Happiness

At present, money is the most important thing to live a good life.  After the spread of the coronavirus in the world, the value of money is increased in the eyes of people. Many people lost their close ones in this pandemic, some due to the poor healthcare system, some due to lack of money to get admitted to the hospital. It is very painful to see our loved ones leave us due to lack of money so if you ask them the question ‘can money buy happiness?’ the answer will be a big yes.

The people working in offices for eight to ten hours a day are doing it to earn money and to earn a respectable life. There is some connection between money with happiness that is why everyone wants to earn it. People work hard to live in a good neighborhood, wear good clothes, send their children to good schools, eat nutritious food, spend on luxuries, go on vacations, etc. Happiness comes with money. Buying something we wanted to for so long gives us happiness and that happiness comes with money. When in a relationship, going on dates brings you happiness and that happiness also comes with money. How is a person supposed to pay bills without money?

Spending money on others also brings happiness. Doing charity like giving food to poor people or sponsoring education brings happiness to their faces and your face too. You feel satisfied when you do it. Spending money on your family members also brings immense satisfaction, but a thing to note here is first an individual should fulfill his/her basic needs than spend on others. Fulfilling others’ needs by jeopardizing their own is something one should avoid doing. Money should be spent on others using the disposable income one earns. 

Money brings financial freedom with it. When people start earning for the very first time it brings immense joy and pleasure with it. Earning well and spending on themselves, finally buying all the things they wanted to for so long gives self-satisfaction and boosts confidence. 

Money can’t buy Happiness

Let’s take an example to understand this point. The president of North Korea King Jong-un has created his hierarchy using money and power. He is the Adolf Hitler of today’s era. He wants everyone to respect him and see him as a leader but the reality is everyone in that country hates him and is just praying for freedom. Money got him that position but he couldn’t buy the respect of the citizens. In the same way, money may be able to buy you a luxurious house but it will be home only when the people living in it make it a home with love, happiness, and the bond they share. 

The happiness gets doubled when you have someone to share it with for example friends, family, life-partner, etc. Money may be able to buy happiness but it surely can’t buy the people to share it with. Having someone to talk to, to share the ups and downs of life, to have someone at your side no matter what happens that is what is true happiness. It brings self-satisfaction with it. It won’t matter if you live in a big house or a small one, eat in an expensive restaurant or at home, get all the luxuries or get basic needs fulfilled what will matter is happiness. The satisfaction of being with your loved ones. The love, care, peace, and support that comes with it. 

In my opinion, Money can buy happiness. Money can pay all my bills including my education fees, shopping bills, restaurant, salon, and whatnot. Happiness comes with money. Having people around to share it with them too is important but it won’t even matter if we don’t have enough money to afford food or to complete education or a shelter to live. 


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