A True Investor

A teenage girl goes to BSE where she meets All Time Big investor accidently.She asks him why people who have earned profit & have money in their hands aren't happy & why people who have earned profit are happy even though they dont have money in their hands.

                               The Investor gets fascinated by the question.The investor said let's talk & walk.He explained to her that the people who have earned money & have money in their hands are the speculators.These people are controlled by the market.Their emotions take over their mind.Their mindset is lets recover the money which they have lose.In search of recovering they lose more money which make them come into debt.To clear the debt they speculate more to earn more within short period of time.They want to earn money quickly.There is lack of patience.For you its profit but for them is like clearing the debt or you can say recovered money.That's why they aren't happy even though they earned profit.

                              The second question why people who have earned profit are happy even though they dont have money in their hands because these people are long-term investor with lot of patience,knowledge & who are not controlled by the market & also who have control over their emotions.Always remember investment in those companies which have interest & knowledge.In this type of investment there is no losing of money(depends on company you invest).They are happy because they are getting profits+they are getting rewarded by the company in the form of dividend.They are happy because behind them there is no debt which they have to clear (depends on every person's situation).These people love to have financial freedom & they work for it.They prefer doing smart work & make their money work for them.

Now,its your choice what you want to be a true investor or speculator.Decide,how a person should remember you.True money comes with lots of patience,work & knowledge.

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