• A MATIC currency is mainly controlled by the Polygon and Ethereum networks. 

  • It becomes more accessible for the traders to trade efficiently, be it swaps, centralised exchanges, or decentralised exchanges.

  • Binance is one of the leading platforms for trading crypto-related assets. 

  • SushiSwap runs on an Ethereum blockchain and is mainly on a DeFi platform.

  • 0x protocol is a platform that almost entirely works on the base of the Ethereum blockchains.

  • A 1inch network has an algorithm that finds different ways of trading the assets in the cheapest way possible.

  • Coinbase offers MATIC coins through the Ethereum network.

What is a MATIC coin?

MATIC is an Ethereum nominal that is operated by a multi-chain Ethereum ascending solution polygon system. The main intent of Polygon Ethereum is to deliver faster and cheaper trades on the leading chains along with Layer 2 side chains. The polygon sector has been rapidly flourishing, along with DeFi and NFT proposals joining them daily. In response, the MATIC prices have also been developing, multiplying briskly throughout a couple of months. On the other hand, there have been massive uplifting costs of Ethereum and high requirements for asset trades on UniSwap. Considering these areas, the decentralised exchanges (DEX) on Polygon MATIC L2 are becoming more prevalent and admired.

Five places to buy MATIC coin


Binance is one of the leading platforms for trading crypto-related assets. Binance has primary world direct-class matching support that supports up to 1,400,000 per second. This helps the customers to have a hassle-free and reliable crypto experience while trading. On a global level, Binance has wonderfully emerged as the world’s most liquid cryptocurrency exchange, along with multiple volumes universally. 

·         Visit the official website of Binance. Log in using your previous details or create a new account with your email id.

·         Click on the Buy Now option on the dashboard.

·         You have the choice of buying crypto with various fiat currencies. Enter your desired fiat amount, and it will automatically convert into the crypto amount. Click on Continue.

·         Complete the transaction procedure by selecting your preferred payment method, i.e. debit card or credit card.

·         Check the amount details and card details properly and confirm your order within 1 minute. This is because the amount of crypto would be recalculated according to the current market price.

·         Lastly, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, and you have to enter it. The amount will immediately reflect your Binance wallet.



Another platform that is gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency sector is SushiSwap. Basically, SushiSwap runs on a DeFi platform on the Ethereum blockchain that lets its customers directly swap their tokens. There are two types of fees in SushiSwap. One is the trading fees, and another is the withdrawal fees. You are charged an approximate cost of 0.3% when you want to trade. At the same time, there are no such withdrawal fees. Furthermore, it has a feature wherein the token’s price is calculated automatically with the help of smart contracts. SushiSwap also tends to eliminate some custody as well as insolvency risks.

·         To buy a MATIC coin through SushiSwap, you need to visit sushi.com.

·         Next, click on Enter App. 

·         Now, you will be redirected to the page where you will have to select the assets you already own and are willing to trade, such as ETH, 1inch, etc.

·         After you select the initial asset you want to trade, choose MATIC in the next option. Next, enter the amount of SushiSwap that you wish to exchange; for example, 50.

·         Next, click on the connect to the wallet button present below.

·         Now, choose the wallet that you want to connect to. For example, you choose Metamask. Click on Metamask and log into the chrome extension or Metamask and unlock it. Connect it to your Metamask wallet.

·         Complete all the formalities regarding all the transactions. Once you are finished with the transaction, your initial asset would be transferred into the amount of MATIC you have received.


2.    0x protocol

0x protocol is a platform that almost entirely works on the base of the Ethereum blockchains. This platform has an easy-to-use menu that lets you split up your transactions across various decentralised exchange platforms. This helps with the lowest slippage possible. Further, the 0x protocol supports free limit orders as well as peer-to-peer liquidity without any hassle. For trading, Matcha is another platform that is initiated by 0x protocol.

·         Go to the official website of 0x protocol. Then, click the Trade option on the Matcha option that is located above.



·         Search matic in the search bar.

·         Click on the polygon(matic) option.

·         Next, select Ethereum in YOU PAY.

·         Now, click on matic in YOU RECEIVE.

·         Make sure to enter the amount of ETH.

·         Click on receive order.

·         Connect your wallet and make sure you have sufficient ETH.

·         Wait for all network confirmations.

·         As soon as it gets completed, you’ll receive matic in your MetaMask wallet.

4.            1inch

The 1inch network is one of the best-decentralised exchanges, favouring routine operations in the DeFi space.  This online platform makes all the efforts to ensure its customers get the best deal while buying a MATIC coin.

·         Visit the official website of 1inch. It is essential to download the app to trade.

A 1inch network has an algorithm that finds different ways of trading the assets in the cheapest way possible.

·         Next, you will have to connect to your wallet.

·         You will be redirected wherein you have to trade the assets.

·         Choose the initial asset that you have, i.e. Ethereum, Bitcoin, DAI.

·         In the next step, choose MATIC as your following asset.

·         Complete the transaction process, which will reflect the amount in your account soon.


5.            Coinbase

Last but not least, Coinbase offers MATIC coins through the Ethereum network. There is no such online platform as Coinbase that has been successful in attracting first-time cryptocurrency shareholders. The main focus of Coinbase is to educate the people who are new in this industry and to further draw their attention towards investing. Later, they also pay the people who learn more about the crypto industry.

·         Go to the official website of Coinbase.

·         Log in to the website with the help of your previous account details or register yourself using your email id and password.

·         Now, connect your wallet or along with your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

·         As mentioned earlier, select the first asset that you want to trade. Then, again, like the second asset, i.e. MATIC. The calculation will be shown to your according to the current market rates.

·         Next, head to the transaction window and complete all the formalities.


MATIC has been quite successful in indulging and attracting new customers in a long-term sense. Talking about some numbers, in early January 2021, MATIC was victorious to trade for about $0.0018. Polygon has always been facilitating fast and secure off-chain transactions for expenses. Also, various analysts believe that there will be a boost in expansions and developments which will provide growth to this industry.


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